It feels strange asking you to “meet” me, when many of you already know me.

I may have attended church with you, gone to school with you or your children or grandchildren, or, at the very least, you’ve definitely seen me in the grocery store. I grew up here in Springfield Township, and this is where I returned to live and work after college. I love our close-knit community, where neighbors are not only friends, but oftentimes family. 

Service is second nature to me.

In high school I worked as a counselor at the Girl Scout Camp Stonybrook out in Waynesville. In college, I volunteered in a pediatric Emergency Department. After returning home, I have led a Girl Scout Troop of my own and now act as a mentor to an amazing Little Sister. When there is a need, I am ready to step in to fill it. 

Which is why I’m running to serve as your Trustee. 

Springfield Township can feel disjointed at times, but we are all neighbors deep down. And while we have weathered through the challenges of the past decade, it’s time to look forward with fresh eyes. I love our beautiful neighborhoods, and I want to work together with you to improve all the things that make Springfield Township such a great place to live.