User-friendly Government

The Township's website should provide quick and easy access to information - it shouldn’t be complicated or confusing, and you shouldn’t have to scroll through pages of search results to find details or records that aren’t available anywhere else.

As your next Trustee, Chelsea Rothschild will initiate a restructuring of the website, an overhaul and update of the information, and focused usability testing to make sure the website works for you. Every effort will be made to ensure forms, public records, and data are freely and easily accessible online. The cost savings that would result from empowering residents to access information on their own could then be redirected to other projects. 

Modern Transparency

Our Township has nothing to hide and should make its finances public and easily accessible. The Township currently uses the OhioCheckbook service provided by the Treasurer of Ohio, but the information is clunky and perplexing. Residents shouldn’t need a degree in accounting to understand how and why the Township is spending their tax dollars.

As Trustee, Chelsea  will streamline all available data, much like surrounding townships have done, so you can understand each expenditure more clearly.

A Fresh Approach to Growth

Cuts in the state budget have hit cities and townships hard, and making up that difference with ever-increasing taxes is unsustainable, and unfair to residents. Economic revitalization will bring increased revenues and value to the Township as a whole. Previous plans were too holistic and focused on bringing massive change overnight, with little regard to the businesses already established and existing vacancies. It is time for a different perspective on economic growth and development.

Chelsea will strive to work with the community to implement the small, initial changes that will improve the look and feel of the neighborhoods we love, before beginning larger projects.